First off, you may have seen this record in the Metalcore aisle before. At least its namesake anyhow. This is the third major band in this genre to use this record title as their release title. Throwdown, Revocation, and Miss May I all share this album title. Overall, you get that nostalgic vibe from the whole record.

This is a solid release, reminiscent of days long passed for Metalcore. It very much feels like it could fit into As I Lay Dying or As Blood Runs Black’s discography from the heyday of this genre. Any long time fan of Miss May I will tell you their best release is their first full length record Apologies Are for the Weak, it was heavy it was hard and it was fun to shake your ass to. This record recaptures THAT Metalcore, almost but not quite Deathcore vibe and carries a tune very much meant for the pit… Well, aside from the Post-Hardcore vocals that is.

Not everything can be perfect in a record and this is the falling point for Deathless. The softer vocals are over produced, which is especially notable during Empty Promises, the vocals feel almost synthesized. It’s not terrible, it doesn’t kill the record, but it is definitely not raw.

That being said, the record is entertaining, and well worth the money. I’d love to catch it live, as the chants and the breakdowns would be fun in the pit. These are most notable in their first single for the record “I.H.E.” or “I Hate Everything/ Everyone. The heaviest song on the record is the title track “Deathless.” It has this awesome climactic intro, then hits hard and doesn’t let up until the first breakdown at 1:19.

Overall, It’s not as heavy as Apologies Are For The Weak, but it puts this band back on the right road. It also explores the bands creative opportunity for the future while preserving the fans love for their music.

Over all, I give this record a 4/5; good job guys, looking forward to more!

This record is available over at iTunes, Google Play Store, Spotify and Amazon. The band just finished touring the Main Stage for Vans Warped Tour 2015, they have one FREE show on their books, it’s for you New Yorkers, it will be at the iMatter Festival. For the rest of us, the year is still young and we’ll keep you posted on future tours.

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