The Devil Wears Prada have done it again.

A themed concept EP that is!

Earlier this morning the band released their new EP Space, and it is stellar. It’s a six track album; with one interlude and five all new The Devil Wears Prada songs. The album is all themed around, you guessed it…


The opening track Planet A starts the record with an astronaut discussing launch protocol to mission control. The countdown begins and you hear a low rumble. For a split second all audio fades and you hear absolute silence, then suddenly you hear the iconic screams of Mike Hranica, belting out “Radio Check” and those screams hit like the thrust of a launch shuttle at lift off. The audio rolls in waves, first this extreme heavy sound, then it softens and without stutter, it hits you again. These changes are like the pressures changes an astronaut describes as they ascend through the layers of Earths atmosphere, finally it fades into a soft drop with an almost eerie note as if leaving this world. The break downs and rhythmic sections of this track are the illest, I can’t wait to hardcore two step to em.

Track two is Aliens. It opens with about 10 seconds of an alarm similar to the one you’d hear the government broadcast in an emergency. Then the track strikes like a lightening bolt. This amazing pace and pressure gives you a sense of urgency and panic, which stretches 45 seconds. At the 55 second mark, the screams dissipate and machine guns kick in, and the track goes almost to a groovecore melody. The urgency fades and the content as well as the lyrics instill a sense of terror and panic as well as the need to escape.

Moongod follows, it builds with this epic almost inaudible rhythmic micing, subtly lead by soft key boarding. This song takes a few plays to analyze its content, and it’s undertone meanings. This track is solid, but it’s the one I like least on the record. It gives a sense of longing, or even the feeling of unrequited love. Always staring at something, you’ll never have.

The space between Moongod and Supernova is a soft interlude to rest and reset your ears pallet. This quick reset prepares you for the fourth full length track. Perfect interlude placement and timing.

Supernova, just wow; you need to hear this track. That’s it, that’s all I’d really have to say about this one. Of all the tracks, this one is by far my favorite. I love the raw energy of this track. Each verse flows into the next, unfolding this story of an explosive and violent co-dependence of passion and passivity all relationships exhibit. There are sections of call and answer vocals, harmony sections, and they combine Post Hardcore vocals with Hardcore scream vocals and heavy Metal vocals from the bands various talented members.

The last track is Asteroid; this song gives no latency on your ear canals. It opens like an asteroid tearing through the atmosphere, crashing into the earth. It’s brütal and it never fully lets up.

When the musical pressure eases, the lyrical content comes in, and damn does it hit harder than the bass drum kick. Once the music comes back up, the tone changes. The songs end vocal stylings give a sense of desperation, while the music portrays sorrow, it starts this epic chant with a melodic harmony “say goodbye one last time! It’s getting closer” suddenly, the record ends, it fades out. No crash, no closing screams or growls, say goodbye one last time, and the journey is over.

Devil Wears Prada delivers another exceptional entry to their discography. This is one of few Metalcore bands that can skate the fine line of DeathCore and still maintain clear concise audible vocals. The production is subtle and used sparingly. The idea of the record was clever, much like the content itself.

I haven’t been this satisfied with new production material on the first spin in quite a long time. Space will see many counts on my play list and will likely join the list of record that have replayablity 10 years from now. Well worth my money and my time. Damn fine job guys!

The digital record is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Hard copies can be purchased in brick and mortar at BestBuy, while Amazon offers the CD, and MerchNow has the Vinyl (grimace purple and less than 500 copies left) which is what I bought.

It can be streamed on Apple Radio, Spotify, Rdio, and on TDWP YouTube page.

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