First off, these guys are a fresh band off the mean streets of NYC. I hadn’t heard of these fellas until a friend from the area showed me a story about them, they had nearly $6,000 in gear stolen from their van while touring. Because I work, and love music, and will always support any musician as best I can who is chasing their dream, I bought a copy of their record unheard.

I am pleasantly surprised, and solely disappointed in the fact that I won’t be able to catch them live.

So, what is their sound like? It is an up-tempo, progressive pop-punk record with several catchy chorus and expertly balanced tunes. What I mean by this, is they trade off between music that has notes of desperation with exciting vocals, and vice versa. Over all it is a fun record, that will see many spins and few skips in my playlist.

The fourth and fifth tracks tie for my favorite on the record. Track 4: “Schruted It”; This is one heck of a fun song, about a harsh subject: the slothfulness ever present in our generation. What I liked most was how they tackled the toxic concept of entitlement many Millennials have. The song opens like a slap to the face:

“You’re gonna blame me for your problems
You’re gonna blame me for all your laziness
and the attitude that landed you here”

Need sunscreen for that  #burn?

and closes with: “You’ve chosen to sleep, letting your dreams stay dreams.“

The next track that I have added to my daily playlist is “Doing Nothing” and this one is boss. It opens on a heavier note, verging on post-hardcore. The song is a shout out to all those people on who cry that they don’t have time to do basic things. It is a shout out to hoarders and procrastinators alike. And it is a shout out to those hangover Sundays we all get, where we just don’t feel like doing $h!t, cuz  #YOLO!

I for one hope they continue with their musical careers, there are far to many artists who make their music so seriously serious. There needs to be a few light hearted fun bands making catchy tunes in punk, especially ones that are not Fall Out Boy. Good job guys! Can’t wait for the next one like emoticon!

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