As a forewarning, this is a raw review written for raw album focused on raw subject matter.

Have you ever been pissed off at the Establishment? Like watched our world leaders do things that make you say WTF? Or been witness to a police brutality incident? It leaves you with a sour taste of disgust and dismay. You are angered because there is nothing you can do to change that status quo; all you can do is take it. I’m going to ask you a feel questions, I’d like you to think about each one before you move to the next.

How does it make you feel knowing politicians are out there driving Maserati’s, going to work maybe 4 days a month, vacationing the other 26 and you can barely afford a 20-year-old Honda Civic, a McDouble working two full time jobs?

Do you like it when Congress wipes their rectum with your rights and civil liberties?

How do you feel about Police laughing when they choking someone to death or high fiving a corpse they just shot up? Does it make you smile when police putting a bullet in a dog chained to a pole?

How about when your sibling went to war, to protect this country from “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that never even existed? Yeah, I lost my uncle to those imaginary WMD.

You’ve seen all these things, and yet you can do nothing about it.
Are starting to get pissed? Good, because that summarizes this record. You are angry and so are Stick To Your Guns.

In their fifth full-length record, Stick To Your Guns calls the man out on their BS.

The opening track “It Starts With Me” opens with a interlude; this song sets the pace for the record. The band is asking you to look at the life you’re living and realize, you’re not living it for yourself. It’s a life you’re living to make the establishment satisfied. Realizing this, and deciding to make a change; because it starts with you, much like it stats with me.

I don’t care who you are; you can get into this record. We all are pissed and tired of the same crap, being spewed from different mouths. This record is a rallying cry, a banner for those who are ready to make change in our world. The execution and timing of this record are all excellent.

I am a big fan of singers inviting their peers to join in for collaboration songs. “I Choose Nothing” is a sick example of collaborative styling, from many infamous voices in Punk and Hardcore. Joining Jessie Barnett are: Walter Delgado of  #RottingOut, Toby Morse of #H20, and Scott Vogel of  #Terror and they all tear it up in this track.

Now, my favorite track on this record is “The Crown” is an epic ballad, and I dare you to listen to it, truly listen to and not feel the struggle in this song.

The vocals are processed and that is odd for Hardcore, not to a point that it will bother you, but just odd for Hardcore.

Disagree with me? Put the record on spin for a day. I’ll see you two stepping in the pit and carrying a flag at a downtown protest, with your middle fingers flying.

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