I have been a long time fan of Bring Me The Horizon. Diamonds Aren’t Forever will always be one of my all time favorite #FuckIt tracks. However, with every new release, I cringe at the direction this band has taken their music…

Until now.

Now, don’t get me wrong Sempiturnal was a good record, but it didn’t have the hunger you feel in an amazing record. It didn’t have the emotion a musician pours into a piece of artwork. It felt damaged and it felt shallow. I was bitterly disappointed seeing them at Warped Tour, you could feel it in their presence; they just weren’t into it, they were disconnected for lack of a better term as compared to seeing them in 2011.

First off, lets address it: Are they Deathcore? God no; not even close. Is that intense emotion and unrelenting rage still there? Yes, without a doubt, you can feel it in every verse of every song; it’s like a caged animal waiting to break free and tear out your throat.

Now, they release this piece of Punky, Post-Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore record; “That’s The Spirit”. I wanted to hate it. I wanted to reject everything it was, and compare it to everything they had been, but I cannot. It is amazing. “That’s The Spirit” embodies the struggles we all go through, becoming adults. The challenges and hardships we all face becoming the people we are, not the people others want us to be.

This is why we love music. You can feel the bands engagement with their music. This record captures their personal struggles and for that, it is a masterpiece. This is going to be their keystone record. This is the record to which fans will compare everything past and future.

Best song: This is a toss up for me; “Oh No” and “Throne” are some of the best tracks I have heard this year. “Throne” embodies everything I have written above. Read the chorus below:

“So you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I’ll come back;
leader of the whole pack.
Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my

“Oh No”, is the perfect closing track to the record. It is the bands way of addressing the recent sobriety of Oliver Sykes, and what drove the change in direction of their music. It is hard to be open about something so difficult as addiction. Sykes delivers a heartfelt warning to his fans, some of whom may be going through the same issues he had been dealing with. The song opens with a house/trance beat and delivers its message from the open licks. I feel that this track may be passed by; to fully feel its message I guess you have had to walk that line. You can try to drown your demons, but eventually you’re going to drown yourself or learn to swim; Oli has learned to swim. Below is the chorus for this track:

“Don’t call it a party cause it never stops
Now one is too many but it’s not enough
Don’t tell me you’re happy cause this isn’t love
So be careful what you wish for“

Honestly, I could sit here and breakdown every song. They all deal with so much content. Though I stop myself, because I would hate to take that from you.

This band is back, and in a big way. Give the record a spin, but do it with an open mind; this is not the BMTH you once loved, but it is the BMTH you will never want to give up.

There is nothing they could do to improve.
It is absolutely amazing. Good job guys.

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