It’s barely been a year and a half since “Ultraviolence” was released, and here we are with a new album. Not that I’m complaining… It’s just rare nowadays to get a follow up a year later.

While “Born to Die” still seems to be Lana’s benchmark, what makes “Honeymoon” different than the previous album?

Well it’s clear she’s influenced by the golden age of the 20’s-60’s era of music, mixed in with her own modern flair and ‘tude, soaked in California (but… she’s a New York girl?). This album is no different. She’s stuck firm in her sound and doesn’t venture out much from it.

Melodramatic, moody, calming – Like a movie soundtrack with a sultry voice gently singing carefully written beautiful yet edgy poetry over the top of it. Nothing has changed in that regard. This album especially is more just a step above a whisper most of the a time. You can hear everything, don’t worry about that. It fits.

The only complaint I’ve ever had is that while the words have always been neat, the lyrical content is generally about the same things, and the aforementioned not venturing out from her ‘sound’ much. It’s nothing that will really hinder my love of listening to Lana Del Rey though. I do thoroughly enjoy listening to her. Thankfully though, the content on “Honeymoon” are a little more adventurous.

To answer the earlier question: The last album had a live band feel behind it. This album seems to actually be her most mellow to date. It’s very airy and spacey. Subtle. Less trip-hop than before (especially compared to “Born to Die”). It’s much more atmospherical, musically as well as vocally. Almost more… Pink Floyd-like, as opposed to Portishead.

“High by the Beach” does resemble the BtD style, however. Though I’m firmly against weed (I’m not preaching, just saying), the song itself is one of my favorites on here. Not that I dislike anything.

“Freak” is another favorite. Her sex appeal is grand on many of her songs, but this one just feels a little more special for some reason.

A large portion of every beat on the album is very background. It’s just enough to carry the rhythm, but it’s more of an accent to the songs. kinda like the beats are there to remind you to sway along when you get lost in her voice and the strings and keyboards. Classic Dream Pop.

It’s really like this though:

If you are familiar with Lana’s music and you’ve liked her up to this point, then you’re not gonna be disappointed. Generally. If you never liked her before, you won’t now. If you’re new to Lana Del Rey, there’s no bad album to start with, so I’d definitely recommend just checking out all 4 (or 5) of her albums.

With elegance and classic beauty, Lana’s artistry has been flowing awesomely through this 2nd decade of the 2000’s and I believe it’s well deserved and refreshing to have someone like her in the spotlight and mainstream. She’s had her own little controversial moments but nothing over the top and purposeful like Miley Cyrus or anything.

I just hope to see her perform one day soon!

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