Recently, I was able to conduct an interview with this new band from Manchester, England. Now, I have the privilege of reviewing their self-titled debut EP. As you read this and as you listen to it, I would like for you to keep this in mind that this band only contains two members. Ben Pratley plays the guitar and Elliot Gaynon does the drums and vocals. With that being said, let’s get to the review.

The opening song, “Dandelion”, is a song that seamlessly flows between heavy and melodic grooves. It has a very classic British rock vibe to it throughout. That becomes the most evident in the last minute of the song where if you close your eye you’d swear you were listening to Led Zeppelin. In my interview with them, it was said that they were an influence on them and it shows.

Their second song, “Oh My God”, has a very grungy feel to it throughout. From the first heavy riff of the song to the emotion in Elliot’s voice when he says “oh my god”. This song very much feels like Nirvana in the best way possible in that in echoes the passion behind each word throughout the song. It is heavy and it is powerful. Kurt Cobain would be proud.

The third song, “You Said”, starts off with one hell of a groove and is something that’s felt throughout. It’s a very hard rock sounding, with the vocals being very melodic and strong. This song also features the first solo of the EP. Though it wasn’t long, it still shows that even at a young age, Ben is an exceptional guitar player. It’s not to say that every song needs a solo, but it fits with the feel of the song perfectly. The diversity for the song as opposed to the previous two, shows that.

The final song of the EP, “Sorrow to Sleep”, is the lone acoustic song of the EP and the most melodic by far. Again, they are showing more diversity in just how much they can do. Ben’s guitar ability really shines through and the way Elliot was able to harmonize along with it really gives it a beautiful ending to an already impressive EP.

As I said before, Devils only has two people in it and they create what is hard for even a four-member band. With modern bands, it’s easy for anyone to write songs all sounding very similar. They do something so refreshing in writing four completely different songs while still maintaining their own sound and voice. I am very excited to hear what they have in store and I hope that they have a big future. They are too talented not to.

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