For Fans Of: Paramore, Versa Emerge, ReVamp

So you know that feeling when you find a new band and it’s kinda like finding Jesus? Well; I’m not religious whatsoever so I’m not sure how the Jesus feels. But, I do know that finding new music in your state is amazing.

I’m Steven Jeffries from AudioVein Magazine and this is my review of Blindside Drop’s debut release “_Liar_.”

The album starts with “Valkyrie.” We’re greeted With a very metal guitar intro; you know that riff you think you’ve heard but you haven’t really heard it? It’s like that but better. As the song continues vocalist Brittany Paige quickly proves she’s more than just a pretty face; delivering a vocal style that can hang with the thrashiest of frontmen. The song balance heavy and melody and we’re off into track 2 “Unremarkable.” Which sticks to a slower’ more melodic pace than the opening track Keeping you drawn in with unique vocal hooks and guitar melodies. It maintains the soft, melodic pace up until were thrown for a loop into track three. “Free Yourself (Wake Up.) A song that holds a very “Riot” era paramore vibe. The riffs hold you in and the song itself is very upbeat and catchy throughout keeping you drawn in and doing that slight head nod people do when the music is just good.

On into track 4 “Modern Day Martyr.” I mentioned earlier that this album would please fans of bands such as revamp. This song being simialr to the opening track has a very power metal feel to it. The riffs and drums are driving and make the song pop and stand out amongst the rest. Also what makes this song stand out more is we’re treated to our first guitar solo of the album which is just damn great. Mark Wolf and Stefany Moran; keep up the damn good work.

Onwards into our journey of this album we’re into track 5 “Walk Away.” Which masquerades itself as a ballad at the start but that quickly changes as the songs heaviness increases and transforms itself into a power metal masterpiece. Complete with another hair raising solo and pummeling bass lines the song ends put on one last chorus as we’re off into the final track and my personal favorite; Liar. This song is just fucking great; honestly. It has everything you want in an album like this. Guitar harmonies; beautiful gothic vocals; wrecking ball bass and drums, a catchy yet original chorus. A section which isn’t quite a solo but the guitars work so well together.

So, it’s great when you find a new band to dig. Finding new bands is what this is all about. If you liked this review do yourselves a huge favor and check Blindside Drop out. You won’t be disappointed.

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