While bands like Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch are ruling the airwaves… There’s bands like Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, and Sevendust who are far more worth the praise of being among the elite of Hard Rock/mainstream Metal.

Many claim that Drowning Pool was a 1 hit wonder (Bodies) and only had 1 good album. “Sinner” is my favorite album too, and one of my all time favorites, HOWEVER, to say that that’s all they had to offer? Apparently you haven’t listened to the now 5 albums that came after.

“Hellelujah” marks their 2nd album with Jasen Moreno, and the 2nd time in their history that they’ve had a consecutive singer (Jasen is the 4th, hopefully final, and certainly their best vocalist aside from the late awesome Dave Williams). It’s also their most up-tempo and in-your-face album since the 1st one.

There are no duds in this tracklist. Jasen is mid-range screaming in much and many of the songs and it only adds to the aggression and fist pumping you’re gonna be throwing at their show. I hope you’ve had the pleasure of seeing them before cause if you haven’t… you’re missing out. Guitarist CJ Pierce has brought back more of their classic sound of wah riffery and flare (Don’t mistake that as a bad thing like a certain Metallica guitarist). The drums hit hard and precise. There’s nothing more or nothing less that Mike should be doing so it’s all right on the money. You can hear Stevie’s bass on every song filling out that bottom end with some meat and potatoes.

Favorite tracks? “Push” is one of their strongest album openers to date and encompasses everything they’ve ever best been known for. “By the Blood”, one of the lead singles, is as good as any single they’ve ever released – Better than “One Finger and a Fist” for sure. Musically, “We are the Devil” is one of my favorite songs from Drowning Pool. The most kick ass and heaviest tune they’ve ever produced. The only complaint I have with it is the chorus. It’s the weakest point of the song instead of the highpoint… BUT that’s just my opinion. “My Own Way” is a real bouncer; Totally meant for the pit and live mayhem. Super fun track.

As always, Drowning Pool prove why they’re the definition of what modern rock n roll SHOULD be and deliver it on the Devil’s platter, readily available for consumption and good enough to ask for seconds.

Top 10 contender of the year? Hey it’s possible. It’s a great album to start 2016 off with!

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