While front-woman Charlotte Wessels’ side project Phantasma was pleasantly holding me over; I was curious to see (or hear) what Delain has been up to. It’s been a hot minute since “The Human Contradiction” was released in 2014.

The time for Delain’s new EP (8 track) entitled “Lunar Prelude” has finally come! I am a little late picking it up since it is in fact Monday, but I finally got my hands on this baby tonight! Glenn Arthur’s artwork on the cover has a mysterious, haunting, mythical look to it (obviously being entitled “Lunar Prelude” it should have). Being a photographer myself, I enjoyed photographer Sandra Ludewig’s perception and photographs of Delain. This includes individual photographs and the band as a whole. The pictures were raw and real. Every time there is a “prelude” or an “interlude” released by these guys, I know a full album of new music will be heading our way soon. As far as new music is concerned, we are rewarded with a couple of new songs, a remake, and live songs from “The Human Contradiction”.

There is also someone new that joined Delain and that someone is Merel Bechtold. She became a permanent member in late 2015, as the second guitarist to the band. Bechtold adds so much chemistry and energy to this band whether it’s in studio or on tour. She’s definitely a great fit. I am just glad Wessels has a lady friend to do things with now on the tour bus instead of hanging around a bunch of guys all the time!

Whenever my favorite bands release something, I always have to listen to the new songs over and over again just to study and feel it out. The new tracks “Suckerpunch” and “Turn The Lights Out” have the same symphonic metal elements that attracted me to Delain in the first place. If you never listened to them before, the EP still gives you an insight of what the band is about. Wessels has that great vocal range where she is able to change up her sound and show you what she is truly capable of. The band came up with heavier melodic riffs for these songs which was also greatly enjoyed. “Suckerpunch Orchestra” is a self explanatory instrumental but not to be overlooked. It brings a unique feel to the EP which is also quite soft and elegant. I would love to hear Wessels sing over the instrumental in her operatic vocal range.

“Don’t Let Go” was the re-make on this album (previously from “The Human Contradiction”) and I actually prefer this one better. The elements on this version is more so on the electrical side (which can be better from a mosh pit standpoint).

Lastly, the EP contains live songs from “The Human Contradiction” including “Army of Dolls”, “Lullaby”, “Stardust”, and “Here Come The Vultures”. Don’t get me wrong, the band sounds great in each one but I am never usually a fan of live anything on an album. I personally feel like it doesn’t contribute a whole lot to an album, but it did bring up great memories for me. I have never had a bad experience at one of their shows (twice so far!). The energy lasts throughout the night from each member of the band and to me, that is so important. Delain is currently touring with Nightwish and Sonata Artica in North America. If you have never seen them before, I highly encourage you to find a date near you and get your ass there… You won’t regret it.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to go to iTunes or your nearest music shop to check out “Lunar Prelude” either would it? I didn’t think so. Support your favorite bands. Don’t download their hard work for free! They need to make a living too, just saying.

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