In an age where the radio has basically played the same bands for the last decade… It’s time for some new blood to join the fold. That’s where Washington’s Blue Helix comes in.

Meeting somewhere between 90’s alternative rock ala Candlebox and Collective Soul and a lighter Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin – Blue Helix is the perfect recipe for cruising along down the road and turning up the volume and just jamming out.

The vocals drive much of the songs and for good reason. There’s plenty of focus on big melodies and choruses and the lyrics. At times you may feel like you’re listening to David Draiman or Myles Kennedy on vocals but I assure you, it’s Sami Chohfi letting loose with his pipes.

This album came out in 2014, but with Blue Helix still being a relatively unknown band, it’s perfectly ok that this is getting a review. It’s also perfectly ok that they will have new music in the near future which should give us all something to look forward to!

Of course I have some personal favorite songs on “Tale of Two Halves”:

Masters of War
Six 8 (instrumental)
I Believe

While there’s most definitely nothing wrong with the softer side of Blue Helix, I prefer the songs that are turned up a notch. No it’s not just my being a metal fan or being biased. I just enjoy the songs listed above the most. I could see someone liking the lighter tunes just as easily. Make no mistake… There is ALWAYS room to be dynamic and be heavier or to go acoustic. You get both on this album. What’s bad about that?

I’ve never seen this band live but I would. Especially in an intimate venue where they’re up in my face and everyone there is being zoned into Sami’s voice. I hope to get the opportunity one day!

Again, I look forward to hearing more and new music from Blue Helix as I think they’ve got plenty to offer in the Rock world which has been dominated by too much of the same for too long. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

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