Review of Nonpoint – “The Poison Red”

You have to love reliable bands. Ones that you know are going to deliver you a stellar album every single time no matter what. Nonpoint is one those bands. One that steadily releases new music and tours consistently and also delivers in the live show department.

Their last album, 2014’s “The Return” was SO damn good, I wondered how they would follow it up.Well, “The Poison Red” is as Nonpoint as it gets. Great production. Killer riffage. As heavy as it needs to be while being as melodic and hard rocking as it should be.


It does happen to be lower on my Nonpoint album list. It’s kinda like the AC/DC thing. You know generally what it’s gonna be like, but not everything can be “Back in Black” can it? There’s something about capturing a certain magic at that specific time. Trust me. There’s no shitting on this. It’s solid as hell and I’ll be popping it in my CD player (cause I actually enjoy CD’s) as much as I do every other album of theirs. This is more of just my personal opinion. This release may be YOUR favorite and everything you’ve desired from them, and if that’s the case, AWESOME!

I’ve loved Nonpoint for 13 years now and not once, live or on record, have I ever been like “well they just didn’t satisfy me”, because that’s never been true. This batch of songs just doesn’t tickle my pickle as much as they could. I know one of the minor downfalls are some of the lyrics, or certain ways they’re presented vocally. “Foaming at the Mouth” was one of those songs. I loved everything except for the chorus which for me made it go from a bad ass tune to an alright tune… Or still a bad ass song with a not so good chorus? Something like that. One of those. “Chasing White Rabbits” fell under the lyric category. Good song, good vocals, lame lyrics. “No Running Allowed” had a chorus I was turned off by, otherwise, a good song.

As always, I look forward to catching them live, and to the next album.

Highlights: “Generation Idiot”, “Bottled Up Killer Bees”, “Standing in the Flesh” (that guitar solo though), “Divided… Conquer Them” (SHOULD be a radio hit), “Radio Chorus”, “El Diablo”, “Be Enough”


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