Review of The Dark/The Light EP’s
Artist: Jared Dines
Albums: The Dark/The Light
Rating: Collective 9/10

Very much a case of the yin and yang, youtuber Jared Dines has finally unleashed a dual release of EP’s upon us, and I must say they’re goddamn excellent. A few months back Jared took a break from youtube citing a burn out. Little did we know what his return would bring. “Demogorgon”, the first single from “The Dark” gave us a peak into just how dark one’s mind can be. Heavy and frenetic, fast and slow all culminating in what can only called a creepy ending the rest of the dark followed suit. While containing some clean vocals, it has very little in the way of uplifting melody and lyrics. Ranging from the topics of self hatred and doubt, death, and the general darkness that inhabits the human mind. The instrumentals are really what holds the general uneasy feeling. Crushing breakdowns coupled with eerie harmonies, speed demon riffs, and what’s becoming Jared Dines own signature growl. This epitomizes dark music for those who have found themselves in a dark place. But, now we move forward to the light.

Jared’s second EP “The Light”, which was released earlier in the month is, as expected the polar opposite of his first effort. The entire EP is beautifully written and boasts more clean singing and uplifting parts. It also showcases Jared lead skills; playing host to a number of well written and properly timed solos. This man can fucking shred. With “Grigori” being my personal favorite; the entire EP has a very 2010 metalcore vibe to it. Guitar harmonies for days, fast breakdowns and memorizing clean sections. Both EP’s should be listened to back to back.
We all knew Dines was talented, even if most of his music up until this point was for satire purposes it still showcased his multi-instrumental talent, and these two EP’s drove the point home that Dines is a musical force to be reckoned with. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already excited for what this man puts out in the future.

Reviewed by Steven Jeffries


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