Metal band Alluvial has announced that they will be releasing “The Deep Longing For Annihilation”. The album is set to be out on January 6, 2017. Even though they had a new vocalist search in this year, that have decided to instead continue on as an instrumental band. Wes Hauch of the band had this to say about it in a statement below:

“This Alluvial album originally began as an instrumental endeavor. As we got to about 5 to six songs in, we started to imagine what this would be like with a vocalist. Throughout the process of going through auditions, as well as a few friends of ours that are vocalists, we realized that we’d become married to the songs as they were. We started all of this with the intent to convey an emotion, or time period.

That being said, we are incredibly grateful for all of the amazing auditions we’ve received. Thank you all so much for participating and sharing the music we’ve released so far. We are excited to share this music with everyone very soon.


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