After having the pleasure of seeing Powerman 5000 a good 13 times since March 2005 in LA and Las Vegas – I surprised Spider by showing up to their meet and greet in Toronto, Canada and letting him know I was gonna be the one interviewing him.

After they did the meet and greet, we were lead down in the back corner of a downstairs room somewhere on the other side of nowhere – which Spider and I were both sorta like WTF is this?? But we made it work, and we made it ours for an hour. We chatted for about 10 minutes before getting the interview started so it was all a pretty smooth and comfortable scenario.

Any Powerfan, old and new, will benefit from listening to this interview because we covered 30 years worth of stuff. We went through the pre-MC Spider days, who gave him the Spider moniker, coming up in Boston, the success, what REALLY happened with the Anyone For Doomsday? fiasco, the “sound” changes, record labels, the covers album, all the way up to right now and the upcoming new album, among many other things. There’s a lot of information and neat little tidbits, but it’s all worthy and it comes from the man himself, Spider One.

This is: The Comprehensive Powerman 5000 Interview

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