Polterguise finally released their debut album, “Year Of The Ghost”.

Featuring David Gillespie on Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Glockenspiel; Leo Crutchfield on Lead Guitar, and the help of their producer Cole Clark (of Picturesque) on Drums; The semi-acoustic duo was able to make their debut.

It’s been over a couple years in the making. The album art seems to give it a dark feeling and gives it a mood that is comparable to that of “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” by Brand New’s album art.

Starting the album off with a new version of “Sailor’s Grave”, We get a good general idea of the sound Polterguise is going for – And it’s a strong, yet different, approach with Progressive elements blended with Post-Hardcore elements, but mostly acoustic instruments for a soft, ear soothing sound. The lyrics go deep into the mind of David Gillespie with lines like “Nestled your rocks into my waves/Gently, the tide has thrown us to our shame/And we’re anchored to our fate”.

This album will keep you tuned in for each of the 7 well produced tracks. Each song has its own amazing artistic merit. The slow-tempo of “Lemon Aid” comes at the perfect time in the context of the album with most of it being instrumental. The tracks before it were fast in tempo and kept the listener going on a great acoustic cycle in David’s mind.

The album ends with a gloomy and aptly named “Slow Song”. Not your average love song either – With dark lines such as “And your days outnumber my own/You’ll watch as the light/Drips from my eyes/For the last time”. It’s the perfect album closer to end the first chapter of what will be a great music career for Polterguise.

If you are fans of Dance Gavin Dance, Dashboard Confessional, and Brand New, then I recommend listening to this album. It’s a solid 5/5.

Reviewed by Leo Adkins

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