Misery Signals drummer Brand Morgan’s solo project LIGHTYRS has released the song “Moon(Waxing). It comes from the album “Helioforms” and will be available via iTunes, Bandcamp, and other major streaming platforms on February 10.

Branden Morgan had this to say about the project: “LIGHTYRS has been an idea I’ve had for almost a decade now. The project is an all instrumental and ambient fusion between digital and analog sounds. Something very different than anything I have ever done. Being a drummer I wanted to create something very percussion heavy over a backdrop of melodic, and sometimes noisy, ambient soundscapes making the overall feel pretty low-key. Acoustic drumset, electronic drumset and some auxiliary percussion are layered in a way that uses, displacement, polyrhythms and modulation in order to create different perspectives for the listener to focus on. Definitely keep in mind as you’re listening to this that it isn’t Misery Signals nor is it heavy. Just try and listen with an open mind. I hope you enjoy it!”

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