Post-hardcore band has announced the released of ‘Inter Alia’. The album is set to come out on May 5 via Rise Records. It will be their first album release in seventeen years.

‘Inter Alia’ Track Listing:

01. No Wolf Like The Present
02. Continuum
03. Tilting At The Univendor
04. Governed By Contagions
05. Pendulum In A Peasant Dress
06. Incurably Innocent
07. Call Broken Arrow
08. Holtzclaw
09. Torrentially Cutshaw
10. Ghost-Tape No. 9
11. Hostage Stamps

At the Drive-In formed in El Paso, Texas in 1993.  They are considered as one of the most influential post-hardcore bands of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They have released three studio albums to date.

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