Hardcore band Lifeless has decided to disband. Vocalist Jeremy Tingle had this to say about it: “I came into the band after their first few shows as a temporary fill-in, not ever imagining what it would become or the effect it would have on my entire life or the life of anyone else. Nine years is a lot longer than I had ever thought Lifeless would last or be relevant. Beyond our own tri-state area is way further than I would have ever thought our music would reach or we would play. Beyond our own circle of friends is way more than I would have ever thought would listen to our music, read our lyrics, see us play, sing along, and reach out to us.

“Everyone of you reading this helped us write the story of this band one way or another, and for that I am forever grateful, but the story has come to an end.”

Lifeless formed in New Jersey in 2008.