Since coming across God Dethroned in the summer of 2002, I’ve forever been in amazement how underrated and under appreciated this band has been. We’re talking top notch death metal.

When they announced that it was essentially over a few years ago I was more than displeased. I’ve yet to see them, and now that they’re in working order again, I hope that can change. God Dethroned has never really been an experimental unit. They’ve always toed the line of being brutal and melodic, but never too much of either. Always solid. Always consistent.

“The World Ablaze” took 6 years to exist, and is the finale of the World War 1 trilogy that started with 2009’s “Passiondale”, followed by “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross” in 2011, then the band split shortly after. If you like blast beats, hyper fast melodic death riffs, with occasional groove elements… you’re listening to the right band. This album picks up right where they left off and not much has changed, thankfully.

I always dreamed of a massive World Tour with Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse, God Dethroned, and Aborted, because then maybe some eyes and ears would be opened to the bad assery that’s somehow largely flown under the radar all this time.

Then, of course, once those minds are blown, they can headline their own tour and the World will then be saved by GREAT Metal and all will be well. Something like that.

Bottom line, I hate when a band has to break up or go on indefinite hiatus when they’re so god damn good. This album is proof that we still needed them around, and I hope there’s more to come.

Standout tracks? Annihilation Crusade, The World Ablaze, Close to Victory, Breathing Through Blood, Messina Ridge, The 11th Hour

Rating? 4/5

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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