Nonpoint has forever been a working class band that for whatever reason occasionally grazes just enough success, but never fully breaks out. I don’t understand it. I don’t get it. I never will. This band should’ve been dominating the radio since 2000 when they dropped “What a Day”. Instead, Disturbed and Linkin Park took over the airwaves. Mkay.
If you ARE a Nonpoint fan, you already know what I’m saying. If you’re not familiar with the band and want to use this as a guide to check out their material, then by all means. If you don’t like Nonpoint, I wouldn’t expect you to keep reading. I’m not including “Separate Yourself” and “Struggle” since most of those songs were later re-recorded.
9. “The Poison Red”
Their most recent work. While it’s last on the list, I can tell you that it’s still solid, and it’s really just a standard Nonpoint album. There’s a handful of really good songs worth checking out. Even at their most average, it’s still “good”, and still better than a lot of what’s out there on the hard rock side of things.
8. “Nonpoint”
Essentially the same could be said for this album as well, except that in the overall scheme of things, it’s just a little bit better than “The Poison Red”. Another standard album from them that’s just “good”.
7. “Recoil”
Their 3rd album contained some of their, at the time, heaviest and most eclectic work. Songs like “The Same”, “The Truth”, and “Rabia” were fierce. The cover of Phil Collins’ mega hit “In the Air Tonight” has continued to be one of Nonpoint’s most popular tunes for a reason… they made it their own, and did it WELL.
6. “To the Pain” (2005)
A fan favorite album, there’s not much to dislike on here. Even taking away their kick ass hit “Bullet with a Name”, you’ve got “There’s Gonna be a War”, “Alive and Kicking”,
5. “Miracle” (2010)
The first album without founding guitarist, who is among one of my all time favorites, . I really just love the songs. I know drummer Robb Rivera isn’t a big fan and thinks it’s a “stock album”, but I find it to be among their best work.
4. “Vengeance” (2007)
Probably their most aggressive and in your face album. The songs are to the point, catchy, and mosh worthy. They neglect playing songs from this album and it’s very disappointing considering the energy they have.
3. “The Return” (2014)
Between “Nonpoint” and “The Poison Red”, they struck gold in making a GREAT fucking album. Everything is…… on point. Super pun intended. I feel like this is what should have been the self titled album, because it’s basically “how to Nonpoint.”
2. “Development” (2002)
Their 2nd album was more melodic, mature, and took a little more chances. Some might say they fell short on following up their debut, but I firmly believe they released the sophomore album that they were supposed to. They tend to neglect many of these songs live as well and it’s a shame. “Development”, “Normal Days”, “Mountains”, and “Excessive Reaction” would fit very nearly in their setlist.
1. “Statement” (2000)
One of those cases where the debut really was the best. It may not have been all that diverse, but it packed a shitload of punch and attitude. There was a lot happening here and in 2000, this may have slipped ever so slightly under the radar due to the mass amount of bands trying to get on Ozzfest, and labels signing and releasing many one album bands… Nonpoint was not a one album band. They’ve been a well oiled touring machine and despite a few lineup changes, and up and down popularity – They’ve maintained their work ethic, released a ton of great music, and it all started with “Statement”. They made one.
Article by Marcus Miller