Punk/heavy metal band Tau Cross has announced that they’ll be releasing ‘Pillar of Fire’. The album is set to come out on July 21 via Relapse Records.

‘Pillar of Fire’ Track Listing:

01. Raising Golem
02. Bread And Circuses
03. On The Water
04. Deep State
05. Pillar Of Fire
06. Killing The King
07. A White Horse
08. The Big House
09. RFID
10. Seven Wheels
11. What Is A Man
12. Three Down (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)
13. We Are The Terror (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)
14. In Time (Vinyl + Digital Bonus Track)

Tau Cross formed in 2013 and feature Rob Miller on bass/vocals, Andy Lefton and Jon Misery on guitar, Michel Langevin on drums, Tom Radlo on bass, and James Adams on keyboards. They made their live debut in 2016. This will be their second full-length album.

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