Since breaking out in 2002 (or truly in 2004), Seether has maintained their position at being one of Hard Rock’s most popular modern acts. While there’s been subtle little nuances added to their sound over time, they never strayed very far out. One thing thing they have done though, is actually get louder and heavier. The recent 2 albums have clearly been examples of this.

Are they still a Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Bush hybrid? Well, yeah. It’s Seether. But they don’t sound like exact duplicates. They do have their own sound. What does the new “Poison the Parish” offer?

More catchy, heavy hitting, melodic, radio rock staples. Except even louder than before.

Honestly, you truly know what you’re gonna get with Seether. This is no different. However, they can continue to perfect what they do. They have done that.

Album opener “Stroke the Fire” is immediately, upon first listen, among their best work. Easily. “I’ll Survive” is literally made to dominate stations worldwide. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just a fact. Turn on the radio, you’re gonna hear it. And I’m not knocking it, because it’s really good… but “Let You Down” IS identical to Chevelle’s “Take Out the Gunman”. Just saying. “Nothing Left” is an ass kicker. “Sell my Soul” is one of their best ballads to date. A little western with a little blues action, it just works.

I enjoyed the album. I hope you do as well. Another top 10 for Hard Rock in 2017? Probable.

Standout tracks? Stoke the Fire, Betray and Degrade, I’ll Survive, Let You Down, Nothing Left, Sell my Soul

Rating? 3.5/5

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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