You remember the whole thing about me finding new music and comparing it to finding Jesus? Still not sure on the Jesus part, but I FOUND A KILLER NEW BAND! I’m Steven Jeffries from AudioVein Entertainment and here’s my review of Avanti’s EP “Convictions”.
Band: Avanti
Album: Convictions
For Fans of: The Agonist, Kittie, The Color Morale
Rating: 8/10


Let me start off by saying I greatly enjoy female fronted bands that can get the job done. Especially those who are unsigned; Usually because they take your expectations and greatly exceed them. Avanti does all of this and more. If you’re looking to compare this band to the likes of In This Moment or Butcher Babies, you’ll be in for a disappointment. Avanti greatly transcends that and should be classed with veteran acts, such as Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Delain and Arch Enemy.


All members are given proper time to shine in their own way, and it all comes together to create 6 tracks of fucking amazing. Blending heaviness with melody, it’s almost as if they refuse to slow down even on the albums ‘ballad’ track, “Better off Without”. The right amount of heavy is there. Tasty riffs and insane shreds galore from guitarists Cameron and Delilah, all backed with a killer rhythm consisting of drummer Cody and bassist Kerry gives vocalist Jasmyne a solid foundation to lay some serious lyrical bricks. Factor in the dual screams of her and Kerry and it’s just fucking over, and speaking of vocals… SHE RAPS. WHAT THE BLUE FUCK?! Coming out of nowhere, and flowing so naturally in track 5 “Against Me”, you can’t help but be impressed by the amount of influence that went into the writing.


Favorite Track :┬áPretense. It’s heavier than your dad.
Since seeing this band a few a weeks ago, I think I’ve listened to this EP at least 100 times through and I’ve yet to get tired of it. Do yourselves a favor and pick this EP up, you won’t regret the decision. Also, consider seeing them live. Damn near album quality. I’m Steven Jeffries from AudioVein Entertainment and I’ll see you, soon.


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