Note: This was meant to be uploaded as an audio interview, but due to a corrupted file I was forced to cherry pick through the interview. Either way, thank you to Scott Lewis for your time.
Q: How’s the tour going so far?
A: It’s been great so far, each show has been packed and the fans have been insane.
Q: You guys are meeting up with Despised Icon in Canada in a few days, how does it feel to be touring with them again?
A: It’s always a hella great time. It’s odd because Despised Icon got their start before we did, so it’s rad to be touring with friends we look up to.
Q: On that note, how does it feel to be the veterans of the tour?
A: It’s odd, I know Rings and Fallujah have been around for a while but it’s still new to me to hear bands we’re touring with tell me that they look up to us.
Q: You guys are 6 albums into a 12 year career, how did you go from being a solid deathcore band to being an ambient blackened death metal band?
A: I feel like this is how we’ve always wanted Carnifex to sound and over the years we just naturally starting writing things a bit differently.
Q: What’s one thing you guys have learned over the past 12 years?
A: How to write a song, and that’s not a joke either. How to become better musicians and compose things in a tighter fashion. You can be a good musician and write terrible songs, but you can be a great producer that has never played an instrument that can write an amazing song. It’s an important thing for any musician to learn.
Q: What are some songs that you would like to play live that you guys haven’t played yet?
A: Am I cheating by saying most of the new album?? haha. Some of the new stuff would be killer to throw into the set sometime.
Q: You guys went on a year long hiatus in 2012, what was the reasoning behind that?
A: Well in short, we were put on a shit timeframe by some people and we weren’t able to play and write to our full potential.
Q: Final question, and I took to social media for this one… who would win in a fight: Prince or Michael Jackson?
A: Definitely Prince, you have to watch out for the quiet ones haha!
I would personally like to think Scott for his time and I again want to apologize for the loss of the original audio interview. If I can recover it, it will be uploaded in full for all of you to hear!


Interview by Steven Jeffries


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