Along with Amerikan Overdose, Cane Hill, 9Electric, King 810, and Keychain – A revival of the late 90’s and early 2000’s alternative metal sound has been swinging, and I LOVE it. Ded is right in line with this and it’s top notch. If you’re familiar with Lollipop Lustkill, Dope, Primer 55, and Spineshank, this is where Ded fits somewhere around in.

They hit hard and aggressive while providing big melodic choruses. There’s even some rapping on occasion, and it’s really good. Better than anything Mike Shinoda has ever done. Truth. The album, Mis-An-thrope, is well produced. You hear everything, including the background electronics and atmospherical stuff. The guitars are really crunchy and thick. The drums are absolutely solid. Any effects on the vocals for any bridge parts are perfect.

I don’t know how far this revival is going to go, but I’m loving every second of it, and hope it sees a little more success. This release will go down on a Top 2017 list for AudioVein, guaranteed.

I’m not going to go into explicit, overly descriptive, unnecessary detail about every song like this one guy on a popular Blabber site. I’m just going to tell you that you’re either going to love it or hate it. If you liked that era for Rock/Metal, I truly feel this band will tickle that pickle for you. If you hated the bands that flooded Ozzfest from 96-02, you’re going to make fun of it and it’s all good. Suffocation just released a new album, so enjoy that. Sometimes you just wanna have more fun with your aggression, Ded does it.

Although I have to admit, “Hate Me” has a suuuper cheesy chorus. Wouldn’t be true to the style though, right? I love “Beautiful”, musically. Lyrically, not so much. It’ll find a place for some, but it’s cheese. Some darker, more mellow moments would serve a better balance overall. My only complaints!

I imagine they have a GREAT live show, and hope to catch them in the near future.

Standout tracks: Architect, Anti-Everything, FMFY, Remember the Enemy, Disassociate, Inside

Rating? 4/5

Review by Marcus Miller

#Ded #MisAnthrope