Rise Against is known for being very political. Something about this album makes that just more special. Tim McIlrath wrote a couple songs about everyone’s favorite President, Trump. He wasn’t too happy with the outcome of this election.

The riffs are heavy and they keep you going for this entire album. It’s stronger instrumentally than “The Black Market”. It features some moments of hardcore punk (like the old days), just from the sheer energy and anger these guys are feeling. There are times where I am even reminded of “Revolutions Per Minute”.

The lyrics at times get personal with songs like “House On Fire”. McIlrath dug deep for this album. Though there are also weak moments of the album. Some of the songs sound too repetitive and similar to other songs. One of the weakest tracks is the album closer, “Miracle”. It gets tiring by the end.

Despite the lengthy and tiring feel of “Wolves”, it does have some amazing tracks. “Bullshit” and the title track are both well written gems. It accurately captures the feeling of what many are feeling with this Administration. “The Violence” is another great standout track and served as the lead single.

“Mourning in Amerika”, the album’s original name, is a pretty good song as well. Lyrics such as, “Under moonlit skies and surveillance/As we cheer from the stands in the stadiums,” provide a very visual experience.

Overall, “Wolves” has a pretty good structure and some great high points. It just sounds too similar at times to where I can’t help but zone out. Over time, this will be accepted more, as we will all have a little more time to listen to each track individually. But that isn’t always a good thing, as you always want the fans’ attention.

Total Rating: 3.5/5

Review by Leo Adkins