While it’s easy to miss Porcupine Tree, it’s also easy to move on from them with Steven Wilson’s solo output. There really isn’t too much difference between the two, truthfully. Except that the visionary frontman and main songwriter is just that much more in control of what’s going on.

He’s also been a busy, busy fella. Releasing either an album or EP or remix or live something every year. Not just that, but it’s ALWAYS good. So damn good. Mr. Wilson is by far and away one of the most talented and inclined vocalists and musicians ever. Period. Extremely underrated. I’m hopeful for another Storm Corrosion album too. Him and Mikael Akerfeldt are a musical dream.

“To The Bone” is just a natural progression from everything else he’s done, but there seemed to be a little nudge towards a more accessible sound. And I’m all for it. If anybody needs to be all over the radio, it’s him. I’m still blown away that “Lazarus” from Porcupine Tree wasn’t a massive worldwide hit. “Permanating” is the best example of that.

It’s not so much that the music is much different. Just the approach and influences. It’s still very progressive and David Gilmour-ish. Beautiful. Artsy. Emotional. I’ve yet to see Steven live, which bugs me, but I hope it’s a possibility within a couple years. I can only imagine it’s more of an experience than just a performance.

There’s a ton of piano on here, which only benefits to complimenting his soulful voice.

Don’t pick a song. Listen to not only this album front to back, but everything he’s done. The only way you’ll be disappointed is if you’re expecting some heavy shit. This isn’t metal. Never was. Steven Wilson is so much more, and we need someone like him to balance that. I will point out that “Song of I – Sophie Hunger” sticks out to me. It’s a little darker and almost industrial.

Rating? 4.5/5

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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