November 13th was a day that I anticipated and equally dreaded for months.  The Bang and Whimper Tour. The final HIM tour I will ever see (unless they decide on a reunion in 10 years which I’m totally betting on).  They decided to part ways after years of creating beautiful music together, since 1991.  I had a feeling it was the beginning of the end (catch my HIM pun?)  ever since Gas Lipstick left but didn’t take it as seriously until they actually announced it 2.5 years later.  Ville Valo has also been producing solo material, as well as collaborating with different musicians.  This was my third time seeing HIM.  I just had to see them one last time (okay, okay, I’ll stop with the HIM puns). These guys helped me get through some pretty shitty times, but also made me feel more in love or more passionate with whatever was going on in my life.  I think all fans can agree. I always will be forever grateful they graced their musical presence in this world.  I hope they continue to give us music but in their own individual ways.

The show I went to was in Toronto, Canada at REBEL Nightclub by the Harbourfront.  The club itself had vampy dark vibes, which I personally loved.  The lighting was sick as hell.  It was bigger than I imagined but seemed small because of the enormous crowd that was there.  You could see all the guys with their chin to shoulder length hair, beanies on, wool coats, black casual jackets, and fingerless gloves.  The ladies were mostly dressed in their finest, deepest black attire.

The first act of the night was American industrial band, 3Teeth from Los Angeles, CA.  Let me tell you something fellow readers; these guys HAVE it.  From the first song to the last, the energy was incredible and got the crowd pumped UP.  I didn’t dislike a single song.  If you like Rob Zombie and God Module, 3Teeth will definitely remind you of their styles. The band consists of vocalist Alexis Mincolla, guitarist Chase Brawner, keyboardist Xavier Swafford, and drummer Andrew Means.  They formed in 2013.  Their setlist of the night was as follows:

1. Consent
2. Atrophy
3. Insubstantia
4. Dust
5. Antiflux
6. Shutdown
7. Master of Decay

Next, Pennsylvania’s Camp Kill Yourself, also known as CKY, graced the stage.  The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Deron Miller, guitarist and backing vocalist Chad I Ginsburg, and drummer Jess Margera. Talk about a throwback of my high school/Viva La Bam years.  Now admit it, when you think of HIM, heartgrams, and skateboarding, you can’t help but think of Mr. Margera. Well, at least some people in the US and Canada. You obviously also think of CKY. It’s a given that they go hand in hand with each other so I thought the both of them on the final tour was perfect.  I will admit I haven’t listened to CKY in years.  I only knew about three songs they performed.

1. The Human Drive in HI-Fi
2. Sporadic Movement
3. Flesh Into Gear
4. Attached at the Hip
5. Replaceable
6. Frenetic Amnesic
7. Head for a Breakdown
8. 96 Quite Bitter Beings
9. Close Yet Far
10. Escape from Hellview

Last and certainly never least, the highly anticipated, “His Infernal Majesty” were up and ready to make the audience swoon.  For those who didn’t know, Finnish love metal band HIM consists of vocalist Ville Valo, guitarist Linde Lindstrom, bassist Mige Paananen, keyboardist Burton Puurtinen, and drummer Kosmo Kroger. What I first noticed was that they all came out together instead of one by one which was very special and symbolic to me.  They went in together and now they are going out together.  The crowd obviously went insane as soon as their opener “Buried Alive by Love” came on and Ville picked up his mic.  During “Wicked Game” each of the guys had their own solo parts to play.  The only thing I wish there was more of was the interaction with the crowd.  Obviously being Finnish, I can’t really fault them for that, but it is the final tour.  Ville had his signature ramblings here and there (mostly towards the end) until he told himself to fuck off.  Always entertaining.

For those who were there, “T- Shirt”.

HIM’s setlist:
1. Buried Alive By Love
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Your Sweet 666
4. The Kiss of Dawn
5. The Sacrament
6. Tears on Tape
7. Wings of a Butterfly
8. Gone with the Sin
9. Soul on Fire
10. Wicked Game
11. Killing Loneliness
12. Poison Girl
13. Bleed Well
14. Heartkiller
15. Join Me in Death
16. It’s All Tears
17. In Joy and Sorrow
18. Right Here in my Arms
19. Funeral of Hearts
20. Razorblade Kiss
21. Rebel Yell

Needless to say, it was a bittersweet but spiritual night.  I’m definitely going to miss these guys together.  Thank you HIM for absolutely everything you have done for your fans and I.  You will be missed.

If you want more HIM, they have a special gallery display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in SoHo, NYC until November 27th.  Photographer extraordinaire, Ville Juurikkala, had an amazing collaboration with the band due to their final tour.  Check it out!
Review and photos by Christina Rosenfeld