It’s truly hard not to compare, but it goes hand in hand. Sepultura is still a fantastic active band, and the originators of Sepultura, Max and Igor Cavalera, are doing their thing with Cavalera Conspiracy. Truly, each album they’ve done
gets better. They got on the right track with 2014’s “Pandemonium”, after 2 decent but not great albums. Now on album 4, “Psychosis”, they’ve hit that right nerve. Was it because Sepultura put out one of their absolute best albums earlier this year? Who knows. It isn’t really a competition, for me anyway. We the fans win out of it anyway. 2 awesome albums this year.

If Sepultura’s “Machine Messiah” was the missing link between 1991’s “Arise” and 1993’s “Chaos A.D.”, then “Psychosis” belongs between 1989’s “Beneath the Remains” and “Arise”. Who can complain with that? Isn’t that what most fans always wanted?

Thrashy as all fuck. Absolutely as Metal as can be. Signature Cavalera history without being a lame imitation of what they once were. It’s more like the brothers were caught in Brazilian warfare as children, completely suppressed it, and then they woke up and remembered everything that happened, and made an album. This album. It’s just yes.

Tell me that “Crom” doesn’t fuck your shit up. I want to get in a pit, right now. The title track is also a high point. It’s the only non-heavy song, but it’s a super moody atmospherical jam. Imagine Max jamming with David Gilmour, in a South American village.

If this is what we can look forward to for the next album, I’m all about it. I know Soulfly is next, and I imagine it’ll be solid, but like, let’s continue this, please?

Rating? 4.5/5

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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