Apparently Morbid Angel “fans” just can’t be pleased. The only complaint I’ve had is how little of material they’ve had since 2000. This is only the 4th album in 17 years, and the first since 2011. That’s worthy to complain about. Did their last album have a couple ridiculous songs? Yes. Yes it really did. The entire album was not shit though. For the last few weeks, all I’ve read is how terrible the production is for “Kingdoms Disdained”, and even some people just bitching about how mediocre the music is.

Imagine if bands wrote music specifically just for their supposed fans? The same amount of… disdain… would occur.

This sounds like Morbid Angel. The return of Steve Tucker was much needed, and I’m glad this album was made. It’d been better if he’d never left. It’s not the absolute best thing they’ve ever done. It certainly isn’t the worst. But it is
exactly what they needed to release, and it’s what death metal needed this year. It’s precisely a really damn good long overdue Morbid Angel album.

Their trademark groove, blast beats, just enough technicality to keep it fresh, and muddy slimy assault is intact. I’m listening with studio quality headphones, and I don’t know what the fuss is about with the drums being too loud. I hear the bass, the guitars, the leads, the vocals, and the drums all as they should be. Straight up. If this came out in 1994, I don’t think anybody would’ve said a god damn thing. It doesn’t sound pretty, and it’s not fucking supposed to.

“Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)” is the only song that stands out as something different. If death metal had a radio station, this song would be on it with it’s simplistic groove and catchiness. Then again, when you go through their
discography, it’s not really that far out there at all. It’s just the only adventure on here.

Not a bad tune on here. Zero disappointment. I hope to finally catch them live in the near future. David Vincent era songs included or not, doesn’t matter. Don’t take so long for the next one!

Rating? 4/5

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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