You can’t say Godsmack didn’t warn you!
Last year they said it was going to be different. They said it was going to be more radio friendly. They didn’t lie to everyone and drop a random surprise change in sound.
My biggest complaint is that in those blatant mainstream songs, they lost their identity, and just sound like everything out there. Godsmack sounding like Imagine Dragons isn’t exactly what I was expecting. BUT, they do sound better than all of those bands with this sound. So while it’s kinda lame, they did it better. It’s not unlistenable by any means. I don’t dislike any of it. It’s more of a taste thing. I believe this change will bring new ears to the band, and it may lose some ears. I don’t mind it at all, but it’s a far cry from “Awake”. It’s just a very streamlined Godsmack.
If you want something more classic them, “Take it to the Edge” and “Eye of the Storm” are your go to songs.
We’ll see what happens on the next go round!
Standout tracks: “Bulletproof”, “Every Part of Me”, “Take it to the Edge”, “Someday”, “Just One Time”, “Say My Name”, “Eye of the Storm”
Rating? 3.5/5
Reviewed by Marcus Miller