Seemingly out of nowhere comes this blue haired shock wave. You could say she’s……………. Coming in Hot?

Still reading? Sweet.

Diamante’s debut album just dropped today, and just a few weeks ago, Bad Wolves dropped a duet with her for the single “Hear Me Now”. Bad Wolves themselves just recently dropped their debut, fresh off the heels of dropping the bombshell Cranberries cover “Zombie”. I know I’m talking a lot about Bad Wolves, but the reason being is that had “Zombie” not taken off the way it did, “Hear Me Now” with Diamante may not have had the same exposure. Super smart move.

So sure, any fan of The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, and Stitched Up Heart should easily be into Diamante. It sounds like 2018, in a positive way. The solid base is hard rock, with an alternative gloss over, and complete pop sensibility. It’s not necessarily a new formula by any means, but Diamante has instantly proven how to do it properly.

These songs are fun, catchy, energetic, and ready for a live environment. I’m already anxious to see their live show. Oh yeah, you know there’s a couple ballads with “I’m Sorry” (and an accompanying Espanol version) and “Black Heart”. There’s 2 cover tunes here as well, don’t worry. They went with Heart’s classic “Crazy On You”, and Lower Than Atlantis’ “Had Enough”. In some ways it sticks to the original, and in other ways they made their own. That’s something you’ll just have to listen to.

There’s an 80’s rock spirit with a 90’s attitude throughout the album. As I said before, it’s just fun. Out of 14 songs, I like all 14, if that says anything. I found nothing I wanted to skip. Nothing that turned me off. Nothing that made me go “meh”. The longest song is 3 minutes and 43 seconds, and the shortest song is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. So while there’s 14 songs, it goes fairly quick. Don’t forget to check out her 2014 single “Bite Your Kiss” too.

It’s safe to say Diamante’s debut is pretty high on my 2018 album list, and I hope to catch them live before the year is up. I’m quite sure they won’t mind playing in Las Vegas.

Rating? 4/5

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