Charlie Daniels, a country music legend is still touring at 81 years old… eighty-one years old! He’s had a ton of success in this industry over his 54 year career. I had the chance to chat with this legend before his show in Warrendale, PA, take a look at our chat below:

Emmy: Have any modern musicians stuck out to you? Are there any you would care to work with?

Charlie: Chris Stapleton, Zac Brown, Jamey Johnson

Emmy: Who were your biggest influences when you started making music?

Charlie: I had many, at first. It was bluegrass artists like Bill Monroe and Flatt and Scruggs, the later Elvis, Carl Perkins, etc. later still Duane Allman and the serious musicians of that era.

Emmy: You’ve been doing this for a long time, how is working within the music industry different
now than when you first started?

Charlie: Well for one thing, the traveling is easier with the completion of many of the interstate
highways. Technology has, of course, made incredible gains and musical gear, amps, PAs etc.,
are smaller and, more efficient. The music itself has and is changing, as is the normal course of
the art.

Emmy: You finally got inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2016, what was it like
getting inducted?

Charlie: Every good adjective you could come up with would apply.


I don’t know about you, but I want to see a Jamey Johnson and Charlie Daniels collab – Jamey is
also one of my favorite modern Country musicians; this would be incredible!

The show at Jergels that night did not disappoint. For someone like me, the country scene usually isn’t where I tend to go. However, his show was fantastic! He sounded just as good as his records that have been done many, many years ago. The band he had backing him was just as good; it’s hard to step onto a stage with such a legend and have your work stand out. He has some really high level musicians with him!


The setlist was made up with legendary songs like “Legend Of Wooley Swamp”, “Southern Boy”, “Long Haired Country Boy”, and of course… “Devil Went Down To Georgia”.


Overall, his set was extraordinary and this sold-out show had incredible energy. When that fiddle busts out, you know the crowd is going to go nuts!

Interview, photos, and review by Emmy Susani

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