A message from the main man, Elijah Cirricione:

“I want to start this all off by thanking everyone who’s been supporting me over the years and all the people who’ve been listening to the debut single. This song has been with me for five years and it has been such a gift to see how many people truly enjoyed it so far. Dismalimerence started when I was in high school, just about six years ago. It’s always been the perfect outlet for my expression and I am so thankful to finally get this song out.

Throughout the years I have been playing in various bands, which always pushed Dismalimerence to the side in almost every situation. This music was something that I have been wanting to focus on and pursue for so long. “Sequestered Hearts” was written at such a fragile time in my life. The song is honestly about my love and pain through music. I often drain myself completely for the sake of just playing music. Whether it be financially or for the sake of time in life, I always put in everything I have within myself to do it. I am very thrilled to release this full length album “Tome: I.”

I’ve had this album completed for a good handful of years and only have recently hit a point in my life where I feel like I need to focus on it. Something that’s held me back for so long was the confidence in releasing such a personal release. There will be a lot of intimate and private moments on this album. All of it was directly written and composed throughout disparate times in my life; which has always made me nervous to really express and release.

Ultimately, my goals for Dismalimerence is to move forward with a live band. I’ve spent a lot of time just playing these songs alone for years. I recently included my long time friend Joey Casillas to the band. He’s a great musician and even better of a friend. Having such a diverse skill set behind a drum kit has really pushed me further with my passion for this band. Since the single has been released, I have been contacted by a great handful of likeminded musicians about joining or filling in. So I am really looking forward to making Dismalimerence a live act from time to time.

Most people find it hard to pronounce the band name correctly and understand what it means, so I’d love to explain. It is two words, Dismal, and Limerence. Both stemming directly with how I feel about my life, my music, and everything around me. Dealing with a mental illness really makes me appreciate the subtle and good things in life. I become infatuated with the emotions I’m able to feel because of it and it truly blends “Dismal” and “Limerence” together. It’s been hard for me to find the words to describe how this release has truly made me feel. There’s been a lot of genuine support and love for what I do with Dismalimerence. It’s something that I will cherish forever, no matter the numbers, I am just so happy that there’s some people who love what I do, and it makes me feel comfortable expressing more of myself through this music.

I recently had all of my musical equipment and gear stolen while I visited my family in Nevada. It broke me down completely because I was afraid I’d have to start from square one again. But with the enormous love and support I have received from my Gofundme, I am already back in the recording process for the upcoming full length. It’s just another token of consistent setbacks for this music and I won’t let anything stop me from pursuing this music to the level it deserves.

Thank you to Marcus Miller for giving me this opportunity to share and write about this release. Thank you to my mother and sister for being the strongest pillars of support in my life. Thank you to Zach Mitchell, we’ve grown as brothers through Mouth of Sauron, and I’m thankful for our brotherhood. Thank you to every person who has donated to my GoFundMe. Because of these immense donations, I have never felt more motivated to release music. Again, thanks to every person who’s listened, purchased, downloaded, or even just checked out the song. It means the world to me and I hope to bring you Tome: I by the end of this year.

With love, Elijah Cirricione.”



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