I had the chance to do an email interview with Scott Vogel of Terror, and there was no way I was turning that down. So I came up with some questions. Enjoy!


AV: What did you listen to growing up, and what made you gravitate towards Hardcore (or heavy/extreme music in general)?

Scott: Some of my first records were AC/DC “Black in Black” and the first two Sabbath records, so I guess the heavy shit was always there. I also went into the Motley Crue/Ratt direction and at the same time was checking out Run DMC and UTFO, so I guess overall not all that much has changed. Hardcore was all of this but more youthful, and a bit more of a reality check and it spoke to me and never let go.

AV: Tell us about your 1st ever concert experience, as a fan, and your first ever performance as a musician:

Scott: I think the first band I ever saw was Blue Oyster Cult at a night club in Buffalo and I just went with some older friends and didn’t really know what I was getting into but I did love the loud music and aggressive sounds. Some years later my first hardcore band played out first show with the infamous “judge” at the River Rock Cafe again in Buffalo.  What a perfect way to start this storm!

AV: What keeps you motivated and pissed off?

Scott: Man. In 2018 it’s pretty simple. Humanity is sick. Greed is ramped. The United States is laughable and things seems to only be getting worse.

AV: What was the SoCal scene like when Terror started out and how has it changed since?

Scott: It was and still is amazing. Hardcore in LA and California is super strong and dedicated and we are lucky to still be a part of this community

AV: Why (and when) did you leave Buffalo for the West Coast?

Scott: I think it’s was late 1999. Buried Alive ended and I knew from exploring different cities on tour it was time to move west.  So I did !

AV: Is there such thing as too many breakdowns or guitar solos?

Scott: Haha. Yes there is.  Too much of anything , even a good thing, can get stale.  A breakdown coming out of a breakdown can go wrong fast, and solos should be tasteful but for showing off or proving yourself

AV: What’s the hardest period of time in Terror’s existence, and how’d you collectively get through it?

Scott: I can this the dark years.  Mid 2000s. Too many fights at our shows and to much alcohol in some of our minds. We weathered the storm and learned from out mistakes and came out a better band and better people. Growth and change is beautiful .

AV: On a couple of occasions (including the new album), a little hip hop interlude has made its way onto Terror albums. Despite being completely different genres, it never feels out of place. What sparked that idea and will their likely be more of it?

Scott: We all love hip hop and feel how much it parallels to hardcore.  And it’s a great way to break up a whole album of Terror songs. I could see some more on the horizon !

AV: Will you ever go the melodic vocal or even acoustic route, or is Terror 100% hardcore all the way?

Scott: On the new record I hit a few notes in “Behind the Bars”, and I guess the song “ Betrayer “ has some clean guitars and almost some singing. But yeah, don’t expect us to really do something wild way way outside the box. Terror is strong in our sound but comfortable to try new things that feel right for us.

AV: Someone asks you to play them a Terror song because they’ve never listened, what do you choose?

Scott: Stick Tight and Keep Your Mouth Shut.  Those two are the definition of the Terror sound and lyrical breakdown

AV: Are there any upcoming bands that have been impressing you?

Scott: Yes, Dare is a new sXe band from Orange County that I love, and Combust from NYC really has me waiting for some new songs. Also the band Racquet Club put out the best record I have heard in years.

AV: Give some insight on what everyone can expect from “Total Retaliation”, and what’s on the agenda for the next couple years:

Scott: This is the ugliest, most negative Terror record in a very long time. This world is a nightmare and this reflects the times we are drowning in.  Nothing nice here.  Terror will do more tours and try to stay involved and representing hardcore to the world in 2018 and beyond

AV: When can Las Vegas expect Terror again?

Scott: Fuck. It’s been a while. No plans yet but it’s gotta happen soon!


Interview by Marcus Miller

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