10 long years since the release of “Liebe ist für alle da”, Rammstein dropped its latest self-titled album. In that time, Rammstein has only exploded in popularity with two North American tours in which the incredible live extravaganzas are galvanized with high energy and fire upon feuer upon fire. So it only makes sense for when they dropped this latest album to keep it shrouded in an aura of mystery. In an age where celebrities drop their latest work on their social media, Rammstein has decided instead to stay out of that world and rarely give interviews. It’s cerebral and calculated in every way, and it all begins with the single and appropriately controversial Deutschland.

Bringing to light the dark history of Germany that has only been around since 1871 – Reflecting how proud of national development it is, and yet also how shameful they are of its history. This album is taking the best and most exposed version of Rammstein that we’ve ever seen. Flake’s electronics are at the fore-front, Till Lindemann employs not his full Teutonic range and each theme is close to their heart. Zeig Dich begins with a Latin choir before hitting a crescendo of punk sound guitars damning criticism of hypocrisy in the church. Yet, they haven’t lost their swagger with the simple titled Sex that sounds like Manson’s cover of Personal Jesus and a nice touch of an evil laugh from Till. Even on the slowest of songs, there’s more weight on the words such as Diamant using the timbre of Till’s voice that feels that each stanza weighs heavier than the next similar to Frühling In Paris.

Some people will state how there is a feel of EuroPop and retro electronic in most of the songs. However, that has been an identity close to Rammstein for years now that offsets the strong personalities of each of the members. In this beautiful masterpiece, Rammstein evokes what can only be summed up as the potential destruction of a flaming rag, with the ability to create, destroy and cause chaos that brings them operating above the rest.

Review by David Neff