As (some of) you (who know me) may recall in February, I had my very 1st panic attack. There were many things that lead to it, and the actual last thing that occurred just before it happened was realizing that I was being paid 2 weeks late and that I had been lied to by my superiors. It was near the end of the month, and of course rent and bills were due. I was at work when it happened and had locked myself in the security office for an hour while I attempted to calm myself down. I took myself to the ER 24 hours later just to check myself out and make sure I was ok. Also a 1st. Just from them checking my heart rate and taking blood samples, I accumulated a $3,000 bill. I don’t have health insurance.

Since then, my company has been consecutively paying us 1-2 weeks late, and even up to 3 and 4 weeks late for some. Even better? Some people who were FIRED for even questioning what was going on or taking a stand have *yet* to be paid… 2 and 3 months later.

I’ve had to borrow money a few times just to make sure I even had gas to get to work. Or to have that extra hundred bucks to pay rent or my car insurance. Or to eat. My car is 2 months overdue on getting an oil change, and it drives like it. I’m overdue on even paying my bill for this very website.

I unexpectedly had to take a flight out last week to see my mom after finding out she had cancer and she had a major surgery to remove everything. We were promised and guaranteed by the company owner to be paid the week of mother’s day. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. Still have not been paid. My time with the company ended this week when I had 0 dollars in my bank account, and my gas light was on E, so I couldn’t make it to work all the way on Blue Diamond. So you can say I worked until I literally couldn’t.

Today is June 1st. Which means RENT is due. Among other bills. You know what I’ve been told? That we will be paid on June 10th… Hopefully.

So we will be paid a paycheck that was actually meant to be from May 13th but was promised for May 15th, hopefully, on June 10th. What about the paycheck after that, and after that? I’m currently owed around 2 1/2 checks.

Right, well. Multiple lawsuits, including a class action from many many current and former employees, former investors and partners, and vendors are and have been going on for a year. Don’t worry, the labor board was made aware months ago. And yes, the State knows too. You can google up plenty of stuff on all or most of this.

Since November 2015, I’ve seen several dozens of employees and business partners come and go. That would be normal in any job scenario, if it wasn’t for the fact that 1 man was continually to blame for all of it. I’ve had the opportunity to work at every single location for this company, except for our main production facility out in Pahrump. Which means I’ve been in a unique position to meet just about everybody that’s ever worked for CW Nevada, and as security, I’ve been in the unique position to observe from an outside yet internal perspective.

Anyone who has stuck through all of the mess that this 1 person created HAS been lied to, HAS been used, HAS been screwed over, and HAS been taken advantage of. The more loyalty you show, the more you are made to be a fool of. It’s unfortunate, considering how many GREAT people have come and gone, and are still lingering around with hope that we could move forward.

But it’s all ok. Do you know why? Because that 1 man, in his own words, sleeps well at night. He will look you in the eye and state he has never lied to any of his employees. He appreciates you and your hard work and dedication. He would be nothing without you – All while going weeks at a time without paying you, continuously conducting illegal activity that puts his employees at risk, and doing nearly everything possible to run all of us and CW Nevada into the ground. Which he has done.

So while he sleeps well at night, and drives at the very least 2 brand new Mercedes vehicles, his employees are borrowing money and going into debt, not able to pay bills on time, not having gas to get to and from work, not able to pay child support, becoming physically sick, and causing much stress and dysfunction in personal lives.

Sure, it’s easy to say “get another job”, but that’s not so easy of a choice when you don’t want to drop down in pay after working so hard to get what we have/had. The ironic part of all this is we all loved coming to work for eachother. As employees, the majority of us became like a family. It’s not the job that sucks. It’s the corporate aspects above our head, and it again all leads to 1 person that has completely ruined what should have been a solid company.

If it was 1 or 2 people who didn’t like their boss, that would be 1 thing. This comes from all levels of this company, past and present: Security, receptionists, budtenders, management, production, and corporate. All across the board, everyone can’t be wrong. Multiple lawsuits for various reasons can’t be wrong. A drowning company that even customers can visibly see can’t be wrong. Keep in mind, I’m leaving out plenty of information, details, and circumstances in all of this. (If you have questions, you can email me directly at or, or text me if you have my #)

Even more hilarious, they hired new people in mid-April, after we had 2 stores close down and had all been moved to just 1 location. They thought hiring new people was a good idea, when they’re not even able to pay their own current staff on time. It worked out about as well as you can imagine.

And that’s where we’re at now. For what we have allowed ourselves to put up with, it’s time to move forward. We didn’t and don’t deserve it, nor did we ever. Anyone who is still sticking around… good luck. Hopefully, Brian Padgett has enjoyed what he created from abusing everyone who ever gave him their time. It’s time to pay everyone back now. That’s all we ever wanted to begin with.

This scene right here, especially the line at 2:19, is a perfect representation of what it’s been like.

Greed will not win this time.

– Marcus Miller