Half man half machine, yes I’m talking about the guitar maniac himself, John 5. His god-like guitar talents are on full display on his latest album, “Invasion.” One of the things that I absolutely admire about John, is his ability to reach various genres. While he may be most known as a metal guitarist, this album will show you that there’s much more to John 5 than just that.

You will be penetrated in your ear holes by various styles with this genre defying album. Do you like rave music? “Crank It” and “I Am John 5” will be bangers that you will thoroughly enjoy. Are you a southern fan? Put on your cowboy boots and crank some, “Howdy” and do a ho down. Do you just want to boogie? Hit the dance floor to some, “I Want It All and “Zoinks.” You can also get funky to some, “I Like To Funk” because who doesn’t like to funk every now and then? If you want to calm down and relax, sit in your recliner or lay in bed and listen to some “Cactus Flower.”

I know what some of you elitists are thinking, “John 5 should stick to metal, what’s with all the techno and southern?” Well, calm your chesticles, there’s even a bad ass heavy metal banger, “Mightnight Mass,” that you can bang your head off to. So, prepare to have intense eargasms to the sweet sounds of the monsterious John 5 & The Creatures.

Don’t just take my word for it, go listen to the album on all streaming services or pick up a copy today!

Reviewed by: Mike Usenick