This was an incredible night for me and my friends, we went to this awesome show and then hauled ass to see Iron Maiden right after this show. We enterted the venue and the show started with comedian Don Jamieson. If you aren’t familiar, Don Jamieson is most famous for his time on VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show.” Don was hilarious, mostly joking about metal musicians and his time with That Metal show and at music related roasts. Was a great opener for Zakk Sabbath and great change of pace, because most shows of this nature have other bands open. So, it’s always interesting to see a comedian opening.

Right after Don Jamieson, it was time for Zakk Sabbath. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “wait, Zakk Wylde has a Black Sabbath cover band?” Yes, we are thinking of the same Zakk Wylde and yes he has a Black Sabbath cover band named Zakk Sabbath. What some would describe as Zakk Wylde’s midlife crisis band, is actually something that is worth seeing for any Black Sabbath fan.

If anyone is capable of bringing the spirit of Black Sabbath to life, it is the guitar legend himself Zakk Wylde. Not only is he a beast on guitar but he nails the Ozzy era Sabbath vocals perfectly. Now, if you’ve been following Zakk Wylde at all you know he loves his lengthy solos and you will still get this at these shows. Complete with Zakk Wylde coming through the crowd and doing a solo amongst fans, proving that the stage isn’t Zakk’s only comfortable space. Sorry Dio era fans, but the only Sabbath tunes you’ll hear is the classic line-up songs.

So, if you get a chance to see Zakk Sabbath and you are a Sabbath fan, go do it! You will not regret it.

Review by Mike Usenick
Photos Taken by Mike Usenick