Do you listen to alternative rock, indie or southern rock? Is your go to bands Seether, Stone Sour or Blacktop Mojo? Are you looking for a new band to listen to? Look no further! Lonely Dakota is a kickass up and coming band who just recently released their debut album EP, “End Of Days.”

Let’s be honest here, before listening to this EP, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was getting myself into. Only recently have I heard of Lonely Dakota and went into it hearing only one song. After listening to this EP, they’ve got a new fan in me. The only track that I was really iffy about was “Victoria.” That particular track just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the album. Other than that opening track, the rest of the album is a very solid album. Go listen to it and be the judge for yourself!

Favorite tracks: End Of Days and Overdrive