The duke of spook is back after only a 2 year wait with Necrophaze, and damn does he bring it. This album was high on the list of albums that I was really excited to listen to, and Wednesday 13 didn’t disappoint either! With it, you get a little slice of everything.

Are you a fan of heavier Wednesday 13? Then I recommend “The Hearse” or “Tie Me A Noose”. What about some some of that classic Wednesday feel that isn’t as heavy? Well, throw on some “Decompose” or “Life Will Kill Us All”. If you want more of the punk style, “Bury The Hatchet” is the song for you. If you are a fan of serial killers, the super electronic song “Zodiac” will have you banging your head. Now you might be asking, “Yes, but is this a typical Wednesday 13 album?” While the classic sound is there, they really experiment on Necrophaze. For instance, a few of the songs dip into the EDM, with a good example being “Bring Your Own Blood”.

From beginning to end, this album is a horrifyingly amazing experience. Opening with shock rock legend Alice Cooper on the song “Necrophaze”, to closing with an amazing cover of the WASP classic, “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast”. Personally, I highly recommend this album to any fan of Wednesday 13 or horror themed music in general.

Reviewed by Mike Usenick