From the heart of Texas, returns rock band Blacktop Mojo with an explosive new EP titled “Static.” It hasn’t even been a year since the release of “Under The Sun” (released on September 13, 2019) and we already have an EP from Blacktop Mojo.

These guys must of been really busy during the recent quarantines due to the current health crisis. Don’t see these guys slowing down anytime soon, because this 4 song EP is kickass. This band definitely has the mojo, see what I did there? All horrible puns aside, if you are a Blacktop Mojo fan, you will enjoy this 4 song EP. If you aren’t a Blacktop Mojo fan, what are you waiting for, go listen to their other 3 albums on any streaming platform before the EP releases. When can you hear this album you ask? May 29, 2020. Where can you listen to it?

You can check out two of the songs off of the album right now!

Watch Me Drown

The End

1. The End
2. Watch Me Drown
3. Leave It Alone
4. Signal’s Gone