Grammy award winning rock songwriter Scott Stapp has announced that he will be performing an online concert on Thursday to encourage sponsorships for ChildFund International as they battle COVID-19’s secondary impact – hunger and economic instabilty. The concert will stream on Stapp’s social channels, as well as Creed’s, representatives from ChildFund will be taking over each live comment section to assist potential donors when the concert begins at 8:30 pm EST on Thursday May 28, 2020.

ChildFund’s 56 million COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan aims to reach 6.3 million in its initial phase to ensure that the virus does not deny any child the right to be healthy and safe:

Education – teaching the importance of hand washing and social distancing; providing hand washing stations and soap to communities, etc.

Food – providing food for vulnerable communities so that they can stay home without choosing between food and observing quarantine.

Domestic abuse – working with community leaders/governments to inform people of resources to help prevent domestic abuse.

Click HERE for ChildFund International’s COVID response plan