Hollow Front are ready to dive head-first into the deep waters of the metalcore scene with the upcoming release of their first full-length album, Loose Threads. The Grand Rapids based 4-piece metalcore band are set to drop their new album on Friday June 19, 2020. With 11 intoxicating tracks, full of flawless unclean and perfectly placed emotionally rich clean vocals, Loose Threads is sure to be an instant classic, and will most definitely garner a lot of attention as one of the better metalcore albums of 2020.

With the upcoming release, Tyler Tate (lead vocals) stated, “I’m truly and utterly ecstatic with the new album. However, it did not come without a lot of years of struggle and inner turmoil.” Tate along with his bandmates, Dakota Alvarez (guitar and clean vocals), Brandon Rummler (bass), and Devin Attard (drums), created an album with the perfect balance of individual emotion, where every song is different enough to stand on its own, but with collaborative style and effort.

The album’s first three songs, Afflicted, Nameless, and the title track Loose Threads, bring you on an emotional journey through life, loyalty, betrayal, and loss. Like a cobra honing-in on its prey, these songs draw you in with their hypnotic openings, and attack with climactic precision of instrumentals and unclean vocals. These opening tracks were the perfect foundation of what the other tracks will deliver.

The album kicks into high gear with Left Behind. With the pulsating guitar riffs of Alvarez, aggressive bass play of Rummler, thunderous bass and crashing cymbals of Attard, pieced together by Tate, this track will undoubtedly ignite your inner demons, as well as a pit when played live. The rush does not stop with Vagabond, P.A.N.I.C., and Ghosted, before closing out the album with Serendipity.

While the first few tracks bare a softer side to metalcore as we know it, Hollow Front does an excellent job of incorporating focused transitions, stylistic instrumental play, and precise drops, delivering the headbanging, heart pumping adrenaline rush that metalcore is undeniably known for.

Loose Threads is a captivating debut album that will most certainly land Hollow Front a broader fan base, unique in their own right. With the continued uncertainty of the world right now, bands need more help than ever, so go pick up or download the album on June 19th and be prepared to strap on your seat belts…. or get left in the dust.


  1. Afflicted
  2. Nameless
  3. Loose Threads
  4. Left Behind
  5. Vagabond
  6. Wishful Thinking
  7. Falling Apart
  8. A.N.I.C.
  9. Ghosted
  10. The Itch
  11. Serendipity

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Review Written By: Mickey Renger