Finally got to sit down and check out Robby Miller’s recently released EP. I know, I know those of you that know me will ask, “What took you so long?” Get off my ass, it was only released on May 11, 2020. I’m only a month late! I digress but before I jump into my review, I would like to tell you guys a bit about Robby Miller.

He is a British born guitarist who grew up mesmerized by North American rock music. Starting his career by performing with his father’s band and then going in and out of punk rock bands. Eventually, he made name for himself as a hard-working and passionate musician in the local music scene. Joining the indie-pop band The Scruss in 2014, taking over the lead guitar duties until 2017. From 2017 – 2019, he lived in the United States and he teamed up with Ryan Roxie (of Alice Cooper) on two US tours and European shows performing Roxie’s solo music and songs off of his new “Imagine Your Reality” album. Around that time Robby became taking up bass guitar, performing alongside Joel Kosche (of Collective Soul). Currently, Robby Miller resides in Ottawa, Canada. You can find all this information and more information about Robby Miller on his official website

Now that you know a little bit about Robbie and his back story. Let’s talk about his debut EP, shall we? This 5 song EP is beautifully crafted, in my opinion. The first song on the album is “Freya,” which is a good way to start the album. If I was to describe this song, the starting riff almost sounds like the intro riff to an 80s hair metal band. Which now that I think about it, this whole song could very well be an 80s tune. A very good upbeat love song!

The song leads us to the first single off of the album “Take a Smile.” Another 80s sounding song, in my opinion. You can really hear the North American rock influence on these first two songs. However, the mood is a little different on the third track “This Guy.” When I heard this song it made me think of The Beatles. Really digging the change of pace with this song.

We are then greeted with a very synth pop-rock type song “Lovesick Again.” Man, I’m really digging the different musical styles on this album. Which kind of makes me sad, because this is an EP after all and we are nearing the end of this 16-minute musical journey.  Our farewell tune for the album is “Perfect Form.” Perfect song for a goodbye. All of these songs really compliment Robby’s vast musical taste and compliment his vocals very well. Intro to this song made me think that Bryan Adams was about to start singing.

This album blends the 80s love ballet style with a splash of the early 2000’s pop-rock vocal styles. Absolutely loved the music journey this EP took me on.