After 4 years, we have the 1st of 2 volumes of a new Devildriver album.

Right off the bat, I will say that it’s the best they’ve sounded in over a decade. “Dealing With Demons” has the diversity and melody of 2009’s “Pray for Villains” with the fire and passion of 2007’s “The Last Kind Words”. The California Groove Machine is back, and we needed a new album this good now more than ever.

Safe to say, if you’ve never been a fan, this won’t change your mind. If you are but may have been somewhat disappointed or bored, hopefully this changes your mind.

Their previous album, 2016’s “Trust No One” was decent but average. Much like the 2 albums before it. But now the glue is holding, these guys are a unit again. The now not as new lineup are showing what they can accomplish under the Devildriver banner.

Standouts include “Keep Away From Me”, “Vengeance is Clear”, “Nest of Vipers”, “Wishing”, and “Dealing with Demons”. I would highly recommend not skipping any tracks though. It’s all good.

Volume 2 can’t come soon enough. Dez and the boys did a great job, and I’m anxious to see these songs out on the road… Whenever that can happen again.

Rating? 4/5

Review by Marcus Miller

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