Melodic alternative rock band Hardland released their cover of Slade’s “Merry X-mas Everybody.”


Power metal band Vis Mystica released a new Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic inspired song “The Plains of Silence.”

Hard rock band Empiires release the official lyric video for “Love or Hate.”


Heavy metal band Rage In My Eyes release official music video for “Winter Dream.”

Rock band Supreme Unbeing released the official music video for “Animals.”

Alternative rock band Hadees Market released the official music video for their single “(Christmas) Through the Glass.”

Thrash metal band Deathblow released their latest album “Insect Politics” via Sewer Mouth Records.


1. Brain Bugs
2. Accelerated Decrepitude
3. Nefarious Ends
4. Insect Politics
5. Convert Or Die!
6. Through The Eyes Of Delusion
7. Agent Zero
8. Behind Closed Doors

Insect Politics (Stream/Purchase):

Progressive metal band Therein released official visualiser video for their song “ALH84001.”

Kansas City-based pop singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Anson Seabra released the official music video for “Walked Through Hell.”