Self-proclaimed UK’s laziest band, The Stereotypes are back after the release of their 1979 The Countdown EP. Yes, you heard that right, 42 years since the release of their last single and EP. Got to be some kind of record right? But you are probably wondering. Who in the fuck is The Stereotypes and why should I pick up this album?

The Stereotypes are a punk rock band from Ilford, Essex that was formed in 1977. They released the 1979 Countdown EP and essentially disappeared into the abyss. Fast forward 40 years, the band is informed that their EP is the rarest and most expensive punk EP in the world. With only 100 copies made and only four known copies still in circulation. So why not reunite the band and spark the old flame and finally release a debut album? The Stereotypes did just that, after a 42-year wait, they reunited and released their debut album, which is available now via streaming and physical copies.

Now you might be wondering, was it worth the wait? Well, I recently sat down and listened to the EP myself. Would like to say, and no I’m not kissing ass cause I’m friends with the singer, yes this album was well worth the wait! A very solid punk rock album, sounds like an album that you would have heard during the 70s punk rock movement. These guys still got “it”, whatever it is, they got it.

Let’s break down the album, track for track.

Parisienne: An updated version of “Parisian” from their 1979 EP. Love the way this one sounds compared to the 1979 version. And an incredible introduction to this album and to The Stereotypes. Enjoy the carnival-type intro they added to the beginning of the song.

Atomic Bomber: Originally released in 2015 by The Orchard Enterprises as a teaser for the band’s return and for their 2015 EP 40 Years Too Late. Very self-explanatory this song is a song about an Atomic Bomber. And another hard-packed punk track.

Alcatraz: We see a slower pace with the third track on the album. This track is a little less punk and more hard rock. Quite frankly, it works! Shows how versatile they are as musicians and they aren’t your typical punk rock band. Really enjoyed the change of pace.

Brown Acid: With this track, we get a little blend of punk rock and hard rock. Between the sexy guitar licks and Ashley’s distinct vocal style, this song will make love to your sweet ear canal.

Cities: Wait, I said versatile but god damn. A sexy piano intro on a punk rock tune? Okay, it works. Should it? I don’t know. But it works very well. I applaud you Stereotypes. And the song stays strong after the piano intro. Has a darker and heavier feel to it, but love it.

Blank Generation: Back to the punk roots with this track. Guitar riffs seem more upbeat than the previous track, but so far each track blends well together without losing the sound or feel of the band. But each stands alone. This song is no exception.

I Hate Work: Well.. this explains why it took 42 years to release this punk masterpiece. They hate work. I’m kidding… But I felt this track deep down in my soul. I hate work. Very catchy song. You’ll catch yourself singing along, “I hate work, works a bitch. You wouldn’t wanna do it if you were rich.” Perfect driving song for when you are driving to wor… I digress.

Heartbreak Girl: We are greeted with a sexy guitar lick, this one is a slower song. More of a hard rock song with blends of punk at moment. Would assume by the title that this song is about having your heart broken by a girl. Which is a bitch, no matter who you are. If you are heartbroken while listening to this album, this is your go-to song. Send it to that girl… No.. That’s a bad idea, don’t listen to me.

40 Years Too Late: Hard-hitting punk at its finest. They know they are 40 years too late, but what are you gonna do? Listen to the damn album and rock out. This track screams punk attitude and sound. One of the things I love, Stereotypes have a very distinct sound.

Watch Your Step: You can dance to it, you can fight to it, you can mosh to it. Whatever you do to this track, just watch your step before it’s too late. Upbeat song yet a kick in the nuts.

Volt City: Very 70s punk rock, almost reminds me of The Stooges. Love it! My neighbors loved this track too, at least I think they did. They were banging on the wall…

Goodbye Cruel World: Perfect last track for the album, the punks are telling the cruel world goodbye, for now… When will the next album be? Hopefully sooner than 2063.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Written By: Mike Usenick