Walking through Mandalay Bay and into the House of Blues again after 2 years was truly comforting.

I had no idea that a 3rd band was on the bill, so when The Warning came out, it was a surprise. 3 sisters from Mexico came out to the stage and had 25 minutes to get their point across. It’s hard to pinpoint what their sound was akin to. I felt some punky vibes, yet also some sludgy grunge. Like older Soundgarden with Nirvana. Still not the best description, but it was a pleasant opening to the show. They had fun and the crowd was really into them.

I unfortunately never got to see Van Halen perform live. I’m really happy that Wolfgang is doing what he was meant to do. And when you see Mammoth WVH live, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The kid’s got it. He can sing his ass off, he can play guitar and shred, he can write great and interesting songs, and even with just 1 album under his belt… He’s managed to already have his own sound without sounding like anyone else. Reminds me of a certain self titled debut album in 1978 in that regard. Nobody else sounded like it.

Mammoth really blew everyone away. Don’t take that as a slight on the other 2 bands because trust me, everyone was into ALL of it. Wolf got himself a kick ass band and they’re super tight. How good his voice sounded live was very impressive. I look forward to seeing his career grow and where it all goes.

Dirty Honey is what Greta Van Fleet should be. You can see the era they’re going for. You can hear the sound they want. The influences are clear. But they don’t sound like a copy of anybody else. Refreshing. A cool mix of AC/DC, old Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and just an all around feel good Rock and Roll vibe.

I loved their outfits and the fun you could see them having on stage. As it should be. I was happy just to see how big the turnout was for the whole show. While some did leave after Mammoth played, it was still better than I expected it to be. I hope Dirty Honey continues onward and upward. Someone has to keep the classic rock alive!

Review by Marcus Miller, photos by Dari DePereira

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